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About Sage Homes

Sage Homes offers decades of building experience that will help simplify your new home experience. From finding, designing, constructing, finishing and turning over your home, Sage Homes works hand in hand with you each step of the way through enhanced customer services, communication and professional business processes. Started by industry professional, George Grosul over a decade ago, the company has evolved into a specialized "residential builder" for those desiring a more inclusive building process and premium quality home.

Sage Home's vision is to increase owner satisfaction through enhanced personalization of the experience beginning with a deep understanding and respect for the important details of your family’s lifestyle and new home aspirations. Only then will the Sage team begin to execute on your "vision" in the most professional and cost effective manner possible. From handsomely appointed exteriors to elevated roof pitches, larger windows and impeccably contemporary interior layouts, features and finishes – a Sage home resonates the "individual passions and preferences" of its owner and the excellence of its builder.

So, love your home. Love the experience. And, love the great value that can only be delivered in a Sage Home.

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